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Best Email Server – From A Software Perspective

What is the best email server? If you are searching for information on the best email server, my guess is that you are probably searching for email software that will meet the demands of your email needs.

You may even be searching for hardware platforms like HP Servers,or even a Sun Server that you can install email server software on. Other persons searching for the best email server may also be thinking about free email platforms like Hot Mail, and Gmail, for personal use.

If you have a small to medium size business, then these free email server providers may not be your best choice.

Another idea that I thought about is Hosting for your email server. Who knows, maybe you need hosting for your email server. Whatever the reason, I believe that this article will point you in the right direction.

I will assume that you are searching for the best email software for your business, or personal needs. This article will basically focus on the best email server software, for your email server.

There are many email server software platforms available today for email. I think of software’s like “I mail”, and even” Lotus Notes”. I can tell you that” I mail” will give you nightmares because we used this platform at my work establishment for several years for our external email clients, until we upgraded the product to another vendor. “IMail” is a really good product, but because of the way we were using it, it did not serve our needs.

Lotus Notes email platform is widely used by banks and Insurance companies. I have a brother working at a local bank where I live, who uses this platform extensively.

When I think of the best email server, what comes to mind is robust email software that can handle an enormous amount of email, in the most efficient manner.

I am an industry professional who have been working with email for over fifteen years, and have worked with one of the most robust email server software available on the market today.

If you are searching for the best email server, then you may probably be interested in a software product known as Microsoft Exchange Server. I have used this software platform since its inception.  Best of all Exchange is easy to configure and install, than most email server software that I know about.

So what is Exchange Server?  In my opinion it is the best email server software on the market today.  In the company that I am presently employed, we have over five hundred users that have mailboxes on our exchange server. So as you can see, even if you are a small company, Exchange Server will work for you.

We have used many versions of this software beginning with exchange server 5.5.  Presently we are using the latest version of the software that is available today, at the time of the writing of this article.  The latest version of the software is Exchange Server 2010.

Normally when deploying the best email server software we should be concern with the hardware platform that we install the software on. I can tell you that HP Servers are the best and robust server hardware available today when deploying email servers.

Hardware and email software can be very expensive for small companies.  Hosted Exchange Services eliminates the use of dedicated email servers for small and medium size businesses.  I will elaborate on Hosted Exchange Services in a later article.

Hosted exchange server eliminates the use of expensive hardware, by hosting your entire organization in the “cloud”. The “cloud” is a technology created by Microsoft Corporation, to help small business that require robust email infrastructure, to achieve the same benefits of larger corporations.  Exchange Hosted Services can also be utilize by large companies.

If you have the technical expertise, and funds available for use, then is far better to setup and install you own email server.

Deploying the best email server works better when using Microsoft Exchange server software and HP hardware.

You can visit the Microsoft website for more information on Exchange Server software, or If you would like to know more about Exchange Server then Click Here to get yourself the best Exchange server book in my opinion to help you understand the best email server software .