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Information Technology Careers for Women in the 21st Century and Beyond

Women working in the field of Information technology are sometimes looked upon as non-logical thinkers, by their male counterparts.  Information technology careers for women are numerous in numbers, if you know what IT jobs to look for. In most cases, women are able to perform in many of the same Information Technology jobs as men. This statement is based on experience, and not speculation.

Information Technology Careers for Women 3

Personal Computer Support, which is commonly referred to as PC support is a good  example of how a woman can do the same job as a man.

Even though this job function is physical in nature, and mostly dominated by men, a  woman can perform this job function just as good as a man.   One minor issue associated  with this job function would be the lifting of physical machines, and other heavy  computer equipment at times.  This problem can easily be resolved by asking the male to  assist whenever the needs arises.

In my experiences, a woman always seems to be better than a man in administrative job functions such as Active Directory, and Exchange Server Administration. I am not saying that they are not capable of performing other job function though.  All I am referring to is what I have seen from experience.

You would think that creating technical diagrams related to a network infrastructure would be performed better by a male.   I know of incidents when instructions were given to a male  worker to document the environment which they were responsible for, with not much success. The same assignment was referred to a woman in the same department and was completed with little to no issues at all. In every case, the woman outperformed their male counterpart, by “leaps and bounds”.

Top 3 Second Level Information Technology Administrative Jobs 

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While there are many Information technology careers for women available today, career roles like Active Directory, Exchange Servers and SQL Server will give women the best chances for success, in my opinion

I have seen woman successfully outperformed their male counterpart in the area of SQL server administration. Just the other day I did an informal interview with a SQL server administrator in my work environment.  I asked her how she first got involved with SQL server.  She responded by saying that she had no formal training at all in this area but learned everything she knew, by working with others that knew SQL server. So you see, even in the absence of a degree, or some formal training in IT, you can still be successful in information technology.

SQL Server, Active Directory and Exchange Server positions are all non-entry level position available in Information technology that a woman can perform successfully in. While these three positions can be considered as second and third level positions in information technology, with a little work and dedication any one can be successful doing them. Through working experience, I have seen many females out performed males in these areas.

Other IT Administrative Jobs for Women

Other job function and careers can include the following roles below. These roles are commonly found in most business organizations.  Detail explanation of the careers below can be accessed by reading one of my earlier articles on entry level information technology jobs.

Information Technology Careers for Women

  1. Help Desk
  2. First Level Tech Support
  3. Second Level Tech Support
  4. Network Operation Representative
  5. PC Support technician
  6. Data Center Technicians

College graduates who have completed studies in Information technology will always have an advantage over a person who has not studied computers at all.  This does not mean that a person who has not studied computers would not be able to work in a computer room.  All this is referring to is that different paths have to be taken by each individual, to get to the same place.

I know of persons who literally advanced through the ranks in a computer room, to many of the top career position in information technology, without having a college degree. These persons normally join information technology departments, beginning with help desk positions, or similar.

By Andrew Moss