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Exchange 2010 Distribution Group Not Receiving External Email – Does this term Sounds Familiar?

If the term “exchange 2010 distribution group not receiving external email” sound familiar to you, then you are one of the many exchange administrators that experiences this issue from users on a daily basis, in your environment.Exchange 2010 Distribution Group Not Receiving External Email

Just the other day we created several email distribution list for our marketing department to be used for their marketing campaigns.    These distribution lists consisted of many other departments in the marketing department, including sales and residential sales.

Distribution lists may include groups within groups. By being and exchange server administrator, you should already be familiar with the term a group, being a part of another group.

When an email distribution list is created we would normally send a test email from an external email address to ensure that mail flow was working correctly, to the members of the list. Unfortunately, after the lists were created we totally forgot to do the normal test to one of the list.

Forgetting this step could sometimes be to you detrimental.  Detrimental does not imply the loss of a job, but sometimes you could be assumed by your peers as being careless, if they find out about it before you do.

Shortly after the distribution list was created, one of the members of the list send an email to the distribution list from and external email address, but did not receive the test email to their inbox.  Another test was send from an internal account, and the email was delivered successfully.

In conversation with the user, the question was asked “what happened to the email that customers send to us using the distribution lists?” My response to the user was that the customer should have received a non delivery report, and may have attempted to send the email again.

In trouble shooting the error I also did the same test, and did not receive an email to my inbox, when I used my external test account.  Sending the email internally worked fine.  Before I did the test I added myself to the distribution list, as a member so I could have tested the flow of emails to the group.Exchange 2010 Distribution Group Not Receiving External Email2

To cut a long story short, I immediately went to my favourite place, and typed my keywords “Exchange 2010 Distribution Group Not Receiving External Email” into the search box.  Immediately I was presented with many solutions that I had to sift through, for the correct solution.

As an administrator working in the field of Information technology, you should know by now that Google is your best friend, and is always your best source for finding most solutions, to issues that you may experience daily, as an exchange server administrator.

After sifting through the results that was presented to me by Google, I came across one solution that pointed me in the direction of how to resolve the issue.  Even though the result was not directly related, the answer that was given to the question on the forum was the correct solution.

Here is the link to the discussion that resolved my issue.

Even though the question was asked in reference to restricting a distribution list from persons sending email to the list. The same solution can be used to move the restriction from the list. If you are unable to access the link to the solution, just look at the Answer that was presented.  This would be the solution to “Exchange 2010 Distribution Group Not Receiving External Email”.




I want to Prevent Internal Email or a Distribution List to send an email to Exchange 2010 Distribution Lists? Is it possible???




If you go to the properties of a Distribution Group | Mail Flow Settings tab | Message Delivery Restrictions | Accept messages from | Only senders in the following list: – you can set there who can send to the DG.


This solution also alerted me to the fact that once a distribution list is created in exchange 2010, by default the security is set to not allow external persons to send emails to the list.  In exchange 2003 this was not the case.  By default any user, whether internal or external has the ability to send to a new distribution list.

By Andrew Moss