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70-410 exam prep tools from the perspective of Exchange Server 2013

When I first decided that I wanted to go after my exchange 2013 certification, I began the process of searching for the 70-410 exam prep tools to assist me in preparation for this examination. The exchange 2013 training requirements are bundled up with the MCSA requirements for windows server certification.  Both certification goes hand in hand.70-410 exam prep

Exam collections 70-410 was one of the required training modules along with 70-411, and 70-412. My focus will be on the MS 70-410 module first.

This article is my beginning article hopefully, in a series of other articles that I will be writing, on my journey to becoming certified, as an MCSE in Exchange Server 2013, and beyond.

The decision to go after the exchange server MCSE certification did not just “pop up” into my mind. I was inspired to go after this certification only after one of my colleagues that I managed, decided to get serious about becoming more prepared, for the job that he was hired to do.

My colleague informed me that he wanted his Bachelors of Science degree in computer science so he had something to “fall back” on, in the event there was a situation change at the company where we were employed. He enrolled in an on-line college called Western Governors University that focused on Microsoft Certifications heavily, as a part of the curriculum. Graduation from that institution required that you pass several Microsoft certifications, as a prerequisite to graduation.

The MTA, or the Microsoft Technology Associate programs that I wrote so much about in a book I had written at Amazon, was one of the first certifications that enrolled student at that institution had to acquire.

The MTA track was the starting point to any other certifications, at that institution. In fact, if you were to go to the main certifications page for Windows Server 2012 the question was asked whether you were new to IT, and if you were new it was suggested that you start with the MTA program first, before doing any other Microsoft certified courses.

Several other persons that I managed decided to also pursue the challenge of becoming certified, but only with Windows Server 2012. Self study rather than enrolling in an institution was my way of pursuing the MCSE track. My other colleagues decided also on self studies.

Why should anyone pay thousands of dollars at an on-line college to study certifications when you can achieve the same success using self study methods. The only disadvantage with self studies may be the discipline to work with minimum supervision.

The Journey Begins

Whether you are trying to achieve your Exchange Server 2013 certification, or your Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in Windows Server 2012, the certification path is basically the same. In order to become an Exchange Server 2013 MCSE, you must first take the same courses that are required to achieve the Microsoft Certified Solution Associate, in Windows Server 2012. In my case I decided to go after the Exchange Server MCSE so I have to focus on both certification tracks.

Seeing that the the MCSA in Windows Server 2012 have to be achieved first, the first thing I did was visit the MCSA main site to see the requirements necessary to achieve this certification.

Click Here to visit the MCSA certification site. At the site I noticed several recommended options in the resource section to choose from. I quickly chooses the resource “Read the e-book:Introducing Windows Server 2012” and proceeded to download the book.

The book comes in a PDF document and kindle format that can also be downloaded from the kindle store at Amazon , if you prefer this method. I took the kindle option because I learn better reading from kindle rather than using a physical book.  

The first book I downloaded from Kindle was the Windows Server 2012 release to manufacture version.

Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition

The next book that I downloaded from  Amazon kindle site was a more updated book with information related to Windows Server 2012 R2.  In fact this book suggested that you first download the one above then download this one next.  That is what I did first.

You do not need to have a kindle reader to read the book though. Click on the book image below to download the second recommended book.  

If you prefer to get a copy of the pdf, all you have to do is visit the MCSA official site. When you visit the site just scroll to the bottom under “Resources” to see the pdf link.

There are many other resources available as you can see, but to keep it simple you only need to use one resource at a time. You can even use the option in the recommended resources section of the website to find a 70-410 practice exam for windows server 2012 from a company called Measure Up.

No need to worry about a practice exam at this time. Just want to highlight this option, since it is one of the more critical resources required.

As you can see the 70-410 exam prep tools are recommended resources that can assist you in preparing for the first exam in the MCSA series. As I said in the beginning of this article, I will record my progress here as I proceed on my journey to becoming and MCSE for exchange server 2013.

By Andrew Moss