Replicate Public Folders From Exchange 2003 Server

Just in case you are still using Exchange Server 2003 and trying to replicate public folders, or doing a public folder migration to Exchange 2007, 2010, or even Exchange 2013 then you are in luck.  Read recent insert below from Microsoft Exchange Team blog.

To read the entire blog post all you have to do is click the “via” link below the insert.

“Recently, we have released a Guided Walk Through (GWT) for troubleshooting public Folder replication issues in Microsoft Exchange 2003.  There are a couple of ways to access the troubleshooter.  You can use the link here to access it directly.  As well, it will be embedded in various related public folder replication articles such as the following:

via      “

Microsoft has recently released a Guided Walk Through (GWT) tool for trouble shooting public folder replication and public folder migration issues. You can access the tool by referring to my little insert above that was posted on the Exchange Team Blog, just recently.

If you are not aware, Exchange Server 2003 has also been moved from mainstream support. What this means is that you will no longer be able to receive support via of the phone.

I guess you are probably wondering why the Exchange Team created a modified version of the GWT tool if Exchange Server 2003 is out of mainstream support.

For answers on all of my above points, please visit the link in my quote above from the Exchange Team Blog.

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