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IT Manager Salary and Expected Daily Tasks

To prepare for creating this short article on what an IT Manager salary is expected to be, I searched Google to see what industry standards were saying about salaries for people working as IT Managers. What I discovered was the salary of an IT Manager also depended on the organization they were working for as a manager salary

An IT Manager Salary can sometimes range from $112k to $151k working in companies like Cisco, Accenture, Verizon, and Allstate. In other companies you can expect salary ranges from the low scale of $35k to about $60k. That is still exceptional for an IT Manager.

The Information Technology field gives you the advantage of being able to work in any industry as an IT Manager. The job you do is the same, even if you work in companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast-food chains.

Working in Information Technology Management as an IT Manager can be lucrative and exciting.  An IT Manager can be a Manager of various kinds of technologies in IT.  For example; I am a Manager of IT Systems in a technology and communications company here on the Island. In my role, I manage the administration of our Active Directory environment and our Exchange Servers. An Exchange Server is an application server that facilitates the exchange of corporate emails with other industries. I am also responsible for the supervision of several employees.

As a manager in IT you are not expected to daily administrate the systems, instead all you have to do is make sure that they are working.  The system administrator performs the daily tasks. As a Manager you are still expected to be technical and administrative the same time. If you are not careful, you technical skills will become extinct. But, being more in the role as an administrator does not mean you should not be knowledgeable about your environment.

If you do not know what new technology is out there in the IT world, you will die a slow death in IT. I am not talking about physical death but becoming obsolete in knowing about the new trends in IT.

In the information technology industry, you have positions like Data Center Manager, Networking Operation Center Managers, Customer Services Manager, Infrastructure Manager and many other Manager positions that you can fill. All of these positions are considered IT Managers’ position and the salaries are comparative with other similar industries.