Exchange 2013 Training Requirements for MCSE Exam

Exchange 2013 training to become an MCSE, or Messaging Solution Expert, in Exchange Server 2013 is so much different from what was required to achieve the MCITP, for Exchange Server 2010 in the pass. Things really has changed.

Before we go any further,  let me clarify what the term MCSE and MCITP represents for persons that are new to Microsoft Certifications.  The acronym MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer and MCITP stands for Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

MCITP certification does not only apply to Exchange Server.  You can achieve MCITP certifications in other Microsoft products like SQL Server, Office 365, Windows Server, and many other Microsoft products. MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer and does not only apply to Exchange Server but to many other Microsoft products.

Windows Server 2012 training and certification is now a required prerequisite component for becoming an MCSE in Exchange server 2013. The requirements for Exchange Server 2010 did not include any windows exams in the pass. An exam for Exchange 2010 consists of pure exchange server material only. In total all you needed was three exams only.  Once you had successfully passed the first exam you were awarded the MCTS, or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification.

If you had successfully completed the other two exams then you were considered a full exchange 2010 messaging expert, or a MCITP. Exchange server 2010 should reach its end of life very soon, depending on when you are reading this article.  July 2014 is the month exchange server 2010 certification exam expires, so you still have time, if interested in this version of exchange server.

To become an MCSE or Microsoft Certified Solution Expert in exchange server 2013 you are now required to pass five examinations in total. The five exams consists of three windows server 2012  exams, and two exchange server 2013 exams.  Two certifications are achieved once you successfully complete the five examinations.

As you also complete one exam within the track you are awarded the MCP designation in any event. MCP stands for Microsoft Certified Professions. This is not a certification as the name implies though. You only achieve full certification as an MCSE only after you have completed the five required examinations, and training.

Certifications as an MCSE have to be renewed every three years.  That is not bad at all, but is required because of how fast technology changes.

The Windows Server 2012 Part of Exam Requirements for Exchange 2013 MCSE

The Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in Windows Server 2012 is the first part of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 certification track.

In this part of the certification track you are required to pass exams tittle “Installing and Configuring Window Server 2012”, “Administering Windows Server 2012” and Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services. The exam numbers of these certification tests are 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412 respectively.

The Exchange Server 2013 Part of Exam Requirements for Exchange 2013 MCSE

Once you have completed the server part of the track then you will be ready to dive into the Exchange server part of the certification track.

As I mentioned earlier all you need to do for this part of the exam track is to pass two examinations. Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 are the names of the two required exchange exams.

The exam numbers for these two exams are 70-341 and 70-342 respectively.

I will be creating articles every so often on my journey to become certified with the newest version of Exchange Server.  I will post the link to each page below this page for reference. Depending on when you are accessing this page all items below may not have a link to the corresponding document.


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