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Microsoft Tech Ed Conference 2012 – An Experience I will never forget

Microsoft Tech Ed Conference 2012 was held in Orlando Florida this year, and I had the prestigious privilege, and opportunity to attend once again, for the fourth time.  This conference is a yearly conference that is normally held in North America, and Europe.

I am privilege because the company that I worked for considered me valuable enough to invest in my advancement in this industry, by allowing me to attend this conference once again.

I had attended three other Microsoft tech Ed conferences in the pass that were held in three other US States, but the Microsoft Tech Ed Orlando conference will be in my memory banks for many years to come.

I will never forget this experience, especially the “Closing Party”, which was held at “Islands of Adventures”, Universal Studios.  This was a private party held only for the attendees. The cost of the closing party was also included in the conference fees. Whatever city the conferences are held in, Microsoft always holds the closing party at a major attraction within that city.

My definition of the Microsoft Tech Ed conference may be different from other definitions. This is the definition according to “me”, and my experiences at Tech Ed.  The Microsoft Tech Ed Conference was created by Microsoft Corporation for the education and benefit of the Information Technology Industry professionals, who worked with Microsoft products and technologies.

Technologies like Exchange Server, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other technical tracks were available at the conference.  You can imagine where most of my time was spend at the conference.  You guess right.  I spend the majority of my time at every Exchange Server breakout session that was available.

Break Out sessions are similar to mini seminars.  These sessions are held individually for each technology at Tech Ed, and are always fill to capacity.  Sometime there are over five hundred persons in each session. No need to worry about seminars that you would like to attend if it conflicts with each other. All recordings are available afterwards for each technical track.

At Microsoft Tech Ed Conferences, upcoming Microsoft technologies are released.  These new technologies are only released to the attendees of the conference first, then to the general public.

If you are employed in an Information technology department, and working with Microsoft products, then you must attend a Microsoft Tech Ed conference. Attending technical conferences like Tech Ed will motivate you for months after the conference.

There were over seventeen thousand participants in attendance this year from all over the world. This year’s conference by far was one of the better conferences that I had attended.

This was also the 20th year that the conference had been held, so this one was called their 20th year anniversary celebrations.  I was so happy to have been a part of this year’s conference, because I had the opportunity to walk around the seminar with an alumni badge. Once you had attended two or more conferences, then you were considered an old scholar, or alumni. Microsoft Tech Ed North America offers you the opportunity to network with peers in our industry, especially the regular attendees.

I also had the privilege of spending my breaks through the seminar in the alumni lounge.  This lounge was specifically prepared for the comfort of the alumni’s.  Unlimited snacks and drinks were available at no cost to the alumni’s. In fact breakfast and lunch was served to all attendees as a part of the conference fee.  Imagine feeding over seventeen thousand attendees. I was really impressed with the services of the hostess and hosts that directed us to the buffet lines, which moved very fast, indeed.

You would have never “died of hunger” at the conference waiting in line because the lines moved by so quickly.  There were hundreds of buffet lines available in the conference meals hall for our convenience.

Tech Ed Orlando will go down in history as one of my most memorable experiences.  To get the best out of Tech Ed, all you have to do is focus on the technical tracks related to your area of expertise.

As I said in one of me earlier paragraphs.  My focus was on Exchange Server.  Tech Ed will deliver much more in relation to training that any other classroom training. It allows you the opportunity to network with the creators of the product.  Who knows their product better than the creator of the product?